Wine and beer rack from pallet wood

Everybody likes a drink one in a while, but how nice would it be to have a place where to have your drinks including glasses stored and be able to see what you have in stock.

A nice way, a rack made out of pallet wood.

Requirements to create this:

  • Drill 3mm
  • Drilling and screwing machine
  • Screws
  • Time
  • Hammer
  • Two pallets (preferable euro pallets, EPAL)

First you have to get some pallets and remove the bottom side.

Then use the bottom side to create the shelves which will hold your bottles and glasses.

Cut out four holes for the bottles and eight U shape holes for the glasses.

In 45 degree, cut two of these holders, they are for the back of the pallet and for the wall.
This way of hanging your pallet will make it hang flat to the wall.

Screw one half to the pallet back at the top and use a bit of wood glue to make a more robust construction.

Drill holes in the wall and screw the opposite side to the wall and hang your pallet.

Top view of the pallet.

Now fill up your pallet with bottles and glasses, and light a candle to make it nice and cosy.

You are all set, now grab your self a wine or a beer from your own created pallet rack.

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