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How to install an Urban Terror server with bots on FreeBSD

This will install an Urban Terror server running under the user urban with 4 bots enabled on the server.

First of all we install the binaries, I prefer installing them from the ports, in case you don’t have root access you might want to manually download from The configuration is quite the same so you should be able to install on your own.

For the port install use:

Lets get some coffee, cause this installation might take a while… The installation requires downloading from one of the mirrors which is around 1GB in size 🙂

After installing you need to add a user to run the server.

I don’t set a password for this account simply because I mostly su into it 😉 So…

First create the required directories

In this directory you need to add the configuration files: server.cfg / mapcycle.txt / bots.cfg


In case you want to change this configuration, check out:


I limited the map list to the maps that work fine with bots.


You can start the server by manual but I would advice you do run the server with this script in tmux or in GNU Screen.

Run it by doing

In case you want this server to be reachable for the public, don’t forget to set dedicated to 2.

Good luck! If you have any questions, let me know!

Useful info:
Urban Terror Server Setup PDF

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